Jura Development Trust - Sound Archive

This CD of audio heritage stories was originally made by Maker as a free souvenir for a community project, but its high production values resulted in its also being picked up for retail outlets. We supplied the audio production and mastering for the disc (with additionally recorded sound-design elements) and the artwork, including a 16 page booklet.

For the project as a whole, we provided ongoing expertise and guidance in audio recording and editing, editorial policy, live events pop-ups, exhibition displays and general project management. Maker also programmed a relational database which houses a 900-track searchable sound archive and designed its attractive, customer-friendly interface. This project subsequently won two national awards from the Community Archive and Heritage Group, 2014.

All our sound and film projects benefit from our in-house studio, which combines the best of digital and analogue technology - including an SSL Matrix desk, high grade vintage microphones, outboard and top class monitoring.